The Big Heritage Session Strand: Applying Archaeological Theory

The following 5 sessions are proudly sponsored by Big Heritage.

Considering how archaeological theory can be applied to contemporary society, Sarah Tarlow and Liv Nilsson Stutz (2013) posed the question: “Can an archaeologist be a public intellectual?” In this, they foster a multi-authored discussion regarding how and why archaeological theory can be applicable beyond public engagement with archaeological research to a wider range of debates in contemporary politics and cultural debates on local, regional and global scales.

Aiming to continue this discussion, as well as in response to the Antiquity Lecture by Professor Cornelius Holtorf on Applying Archaeology (see also Holtorf 2015), this strand of sessions across the TAG Deva conference is proudly sponsored by Big Heritage.

The strand includes sessions that specifically tackle the contemporary social relevance and application of archaeological theories and concepts. In particular, the sessions will consider whether it is better for archaeological theories to build on contemporary agendas and perceptions or to challenge, disturb and even prompt revulsion in order to enact impact and change in contemporary society.


Holtorf, C. 2015. Are we all archaeologists now? Journal of Contemporary Archaeology 2(2): 217-59.

Tarlow, S. and Nilsson Stutz, L. 2013. Can an archaeologist be a public intellectual? Archaeological Dialogues 20(1): 1-78.