Simple Timetable for #TAGDeva

Registration is now officially closed for #TAGDeva, but you can contact us on with any late registration enquiries.

In the meantime, here is an easy-guide to the TAG Deva conference, incorporating 33 sessions and activities, as well as a busy social calendar with the Antiquity Lecture on Monday evening in the Molloy Building, and the TAG 40th Birthday Party in Tuesday evening following the Antiquity Quiz at the Chester Students Union.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Braving the Dragons – ‘Art and the Archaeological Imagination: Braving the Dragons’. 27th-28th Feb 2019

TAG Deva is pleased to announce a further archaeological conference soon after TAG Deva takes place in December 2018: Braving the Dragons. 

Speakers are Christopher Catling, John Harvey, Meri Huws, Mary Lloyd Jones, Carmen Mills, Julie Sorrell, Colin Renfrew, Michael Shanks, Peter Wakelin, Jennifer Wallace, Kate Whiteford.