Being an Archaeologist and the Archaeologist as a Being – ROUND TABLE

Session Organisers: Darcey Gillie (University of Sheffield) and Daniel Carvalho (Universidade de Lisboa)

Being an archaeologist in the 21st century means being many things outside and beyond the job we originally signed up for: being a leader, an educator, a manager, a researcher, a policy maker, an administrator, a mentor, an entrepreneur, and more – and sometime all by one person.  While there is a vast array of CPD around doing the job of archaeology, very little is on offer on how to be an archaeologist, how to approach and manage such diverse ways of being. After university, there is little formal support available to help archaeologists manage the continual process of “becoming” that is inherent in an archaeological career, increasingly important as uncertainties in economies and labour markets grow.

The aim of this round table is to provide archaeologists with ideas, actions, and insights that will enable them (or the people they lead, manage and mentor) to reflect in what means to be an archaeologist in the Contemporary World.

The round table will be a mixture of theoretical and practical: the aim is for all of us to enhance our skills and confidence in being whatever kind of archaeologist we want to be.