Sessions and Activities

See below for the full list of TAG Deva sessions and activities.

Please contact session organisers with proposals for talks/contributions with titles and abstracts of no more than 150 words by 1st September 2018.

We permit delegates to deliver no more than 2 presentations on different subjects (2 in-person talks or 1 in-person, 1 digital presentation/poster).

(Note: ‘Applying Theory’ and ‘TAG-a-Trowel’ are exhibitions and not part of the open Call for Papers)

Applying Theory: An Archaeopoetic Installation

Archaeological Movements in Theory and Practice

Archaeology for Change

Beasts, Birds and Other Fauna: Animals and Their Meaning in the Early Middle Ages

“Britain has had enough of Experts”

Burials, Bones and Behaviour: Integrated Approaches to Mortuary Archaeology

Comics, Community and the Past

Connected Archaeology: Thinking the Discipline in the 21st Century

Creative Frontiers 

Crossing Borders: Approaching Liminal Landscapes

Curating the Dead: Manipulating the Body and its Memory

Death and Archaeologists: A Conversation of Reciprocity.

Developing Models of Long-Distance Interaction: Migration and Other Processes

Feminist Archaeologies: Intersectionality, Interpretation, Inclusivity

Fighting for our Finds from Discovery to Display

Flat Ontologies or a Disney Approach? Debating Non-human ‘Agency’

Haunt This Place: Fantasy, Archaeology, and the Ghosts of the Land

Integrating Theory and Science in Archaeology

‘In the Mix’: Recalibrating Music, Heritage and Place

Is Culture-History Alive and Kicking?

Landscape Archaeology, Deep Time and (Fieldwork in) the Anthropocene

Location, Location, Location: Constructing Frontier Identity

LOREN IPSUM: Where did the Positivist Turn get Lost?

(Not) The Final Frontier: Charting New Courses for Frontiers Theory

Opening Pandora’s Box: Europe and its Colonial Ruins

Post-Conflict Archaeology Ethics and Values

Practising Creativity: Experimentation, Mistakes and Successes in Art-Archaeology

Public Heritage: Negotiating Best Practice

Relational Approaches to Past Hunter-Gatherer Worlds

Rethinking Transitions

#SilentNightScience. Discussing the Marginalisation of Diverse Voices in Archaeological Research

Steaming Plant or Steam Punk? Researching Industrial Archaeology and Heritage in the 21st Century

The Creation, Contestation and Transformation of Landscape

Theorising Archaeologies of Religion

Types and Typlessness: (Ir-)Regularity in Creative Action and Things’ Becoming

Queer Frontier: LGBTQ research and experiences in archaeology

Vitrified Vikings?

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